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Longarm quilting machine rental

Once you have completed our longarm certification class you can rent our longarm machines by the hour to complete your quilts.

The average queen sized quilt takes about 3-4 hours to finish on a longarm using a pantographing system.

~Certification Classes are about $115.00, include everything you need to finish a small class project.

~Don't worry about whether you remember everything. That's why we are here! We will walk you through each step every time you come in. We know it takes a lot of longarming hours before you would be ready to walk in and do this without some assistance. We've got your back.  

~3 Hour minimum rental fee on the machines. 3 hour fee is non refundable and paid when you schedule. Also, a thread charge (average of $8) PLUS $5 per quilt piece if more than one project must be loaded. 

Please go to our Classes Section to register for a Certification Class or a rental time. Thank you!